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Meet our French teacher!

first timers will get $20 USD off!

April 24th

 🇫🇷 Mondays 6:00- 6:25
🇫🇷  Mondays 6:30-6:55
Drop in style/ weekly subscription

Students will learn basic French vocabulary, greetings, and simple sentence structure. We will use songs, games, visuals, and flashcards to help the students engage and interact in the lessons.

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first timers will get $20 USD off!

May 4th

 🇫🇷 Thursdays 5:30-5:55
🇫🇷  thursdays 6:00-6:25
4- week course

​An interactive course through storytelling! Students will be exposed to language naturally and in an engaging way. Each lesson is a different story and adventure. We will draw along with the story!

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