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7 Top Qualities of a Good Language Learner

1. Motivation: A good language learner is highly motivated to learn the language, whether it's for personal or professional reasons. They have a clear goal in mind and are willing to put in the effort to achieve it.

2. Open-mindedness: A good language learner is open to new ideas and experiences. They are curious about the language and culture and

are willing to explore and experiment with the language.

3. Perseverance: Learning a language can be challenging and frustrating at times, but a good language learner is persistent and doesn't give up easily. They understand that learning a language takes time and effort and they are willing to stick with it.

4. Patience: A good language learner is patient with themselves and with the process of learning. They understand that it takes time to develop new skills and...

that progress may not always be linear.

5. Adaptability: A good language learner is adaptable and flexible. They are willing to adjust their learning strategies and techniques as needed and are open to feedback and suggestions.

6. Good memory: A good language learner has a good memory and is able to retain new vocabulary and grammar rules.

They are also able to recall and use what they have learned in conversation.

7. Confidence: A good language learner is confident in their abilities and is willing to take risks and make mistakes. They understand that making mistakes is a natural part of the learning process and are not afraid to speak up and practice the language.

Overall, a good language learner is someone who is motivated, open-minded, perseverant, patient, adaptable, has a good memory, and is confident in their abilities! Does that describe your kiddo?

my memory is so funny, I forget what I ate for breakfast but somehow I remember how to ask my cat in Swedish if he wants to eat fish.

"Vill du äta fisk?" [do you wan to eat fish?]

Which quality resonates with you?

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