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Dive Right In!

After many years of being a student and also a teacher, I've got a little secret for you about learning a new language, it's a piece of cake! Take it from someone who went to summer school for Spanish! The philosophy behind the Language Mindset is that everyone can learn a language, it's 100% possible. It's all about your drive and mindset. Dive right into your language learning with these 3 steps...

1. Get yourself a notebook, word document anything that will be your place to take notes.

2. Define your language learning goal and time yourself a date to complete the goal. The more specific the more achievable. We call these "I can" do statements.

3. Keep yourself accountable! That can take a form of a checklist of learning activities, an audio of yourself speaking the language. Be creative, step out of your comfortable zone, I promise you'll be okay!

Next post will be about resources and the language learning processes. You got this!


Get a notebook that makes you happy

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