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Music is my teacher

There's two ways to listen to music, actively and passively. The benefits of listening to music are numerous, the most beneficial for me is the connection it makes to the language I'm learning. This become very apparent when I was learning French, I discovered a French artist,Julien Doré who I adore. Learning by music hooks a learner in such a natural and exciting way. What I found after discovering these artists, I would listen to interviews of these artists on Youtube, deepening the cultural connection and desire to understand what they were saying; which mean more listening practice. Depending on your language level, on the bottom right, under the settings, you can change the "playback speed" down from 1x (normal speed) to .75x to allow your ear to catch up! Also, I'd recommend using the same subtitles as the language, for example, French audio with French subtitles, pourquoi, tu me demandes (why, you ask me)...having the language same for audio and subtitles trains your ear and your pronunciation! I will have my language notebook nearby and will stop the video and write down what I think is important for me at the moment to learn.

How did I discover Julien Doré? You can explore many popular artists through the site LyricsTrainings...ABSOLUTELY amazing site for all the reasons I mentioned above, surtout, connecting to the culture which creates a stronger interest and bond to the language goal.

Below is a video of how LyricsTraining works, enjoy!

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