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Introducing Four Chinese Stories with Flashcards, a language learning tool that immerses kids in the Italian language through engaging stories and interactive flashcards.


Each story is accompanied by a teacher video and colorful illustrations to make learning fun and effective. [Scroll down to see story details and focus words]


Your child will love following the adventures of the characters while building their vocabulary and language skills.


With Four Chinese Stories with Flashcards, your child will experience the language in a meaningful context and be on their way to becoming a confident language learner.


Easy access to video of story by scanning phone with our convenient QR code!


Each story in this bundle is a treasure trove of adventure, perfect for bedtime or anytime reading. Ignite your child's imagination and passion for stories with these simple yet engaging narratives. 




1. Under The Sea 🐋
Dive into the mysteries of the ocean as your child befriends a gentle whale, dances beneath the shimmering moonlight, and immerses in the enchantment of a golden night. Sing along with the characters and ride the whimsical waves in this captivating underwater escapade.

Focus Words:
- Whale
- Moon
- Yellow
- Night
- Sing
- Dance
- Waves


2. At the Beach 🏖️
Experience the vibrant energy of summer in this sun-drenched tale! Join your child in the joy of a hot and sunny day at the beach, where they'll encounter sharks and mermaids, surf the lively waves, and revel in a refreshing swim. It's the quintessential beach day captured within the pages of a delightful story.

Focus Words:
- Summer time
- It's hot
- It's sunny
- Shark
- Mermaid
- Surf
- Swim


3. Bear Camping 🌲
Pitch a camp in the heart of the forest alongside our furry friend! Your child will delve into the wonders of nature as the bear peacefully sleeps under a canopy of trees, surrounded by the gentle snoring of forest creatures. This camping experience promises a unique and unforgettable adventure.

Focus Words:
- Forest
- Sleeping
- Three
- Snoring
- Stars


4. Watermelon Seed 🍉
Pack a picnic and head to the park with our delightful character, Mr. Alligator. He loves watermelon and ate it too fast- WHOOPS, see what happened!  

Focus Words:
- Park
- Picnic
- Alligator
- Eat
- Watermelon
- Nervous



Four Chinese Stories with Flashcards

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