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Online Language School for Kids

Spanish      French     Italian    Japanese  

Welcome! We are so happy you are here.

We believe at The Language Mindset that language education is more than speaking another language. Language learning creates curiosity, confidence, and empathy!


Our lessons are crafted around engaging with the language in a natural way through art, song, movement, games, and culture. Learning a new language is an absolute gift!


Learning and speaking new languages has opened up our world to new friends. 





Shhhh...this teacher is a gem! Organized class flow with lessons set a great pace—the kids all have chances to speak. We have signed up for more lessons!


My daughter enjoys the class and learns a lot. She is kind, very organized, and is a great teacher! I have already enrolled her several times and we want to continue in her classes. Highly recommended. 


Ms. Juliana was great and personable! She is really upbeat and positive, which helped our kids get into the virtual learning. Our kids enjoyed the lessons she planned and benefited from speaking Spanish with her.  

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