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Join us in empowering the next generation of global citizens by contributing to this extraordinary project.

New Book Release!

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We believe that language learning should begin early and continue throughout life.  Our mission is to unlock the world of language with ease and joy for children everywhere and to help families in the US who want their children to learn a new language but don't know where to start.


By providing flexible and enjoyable language learning programs, we enable families to seamlessly integrate language education into their busy lives.


Through engaging stories, games, and creative activities, we make language learning a breeze, fostering a lifelong love for languages both in and out of the classroom.


Our mission is to make language learning a joyful adventure for families and schools!


We understand the challenges they face in finding the right starting point and keeping the learning process engaging. With the support of dedicated educators and parents, we envision a future where families feel confident and excited to embark on a language learning journey with their children.


We break down barriers by offering simple and enjoyable resources, including our immersive books like "The Word Thief." These captivating stories spark children's imaginations and build their language skills through thrilling adventures.


By moving away from traditional textbooks and embracing interactive and immersive learning experiences, we create a fun and effective environment for language acquisition.


Our vision extends globally, aiming to make language learning accessible and enjoyable for all children. We also provide teachers with the necessary resources and support to inspire and guide their students' language education. Together, we empower families to embrace language learning as a joyous and lifelong adventure, integrating language and culture into their lives.


Step into the world of language learning with Juliana, a true linguistic explorer! She ignited her passion for languages at the age of 15, and her journey has taken her to vibrant corners of the world.


Despite initial struggles, Juliana's determination led her to master over eight languages. She's now sharing this love through her online language school, opening doors to Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese for eager young minds.

But Juliana is more than just a language enthusiast. She's a children's book author on a mission to make language learning joyful. Her series, "Salt, Pepper, and Sunny," immerses kids in the wonders of reading and speaking in another language, naturally.

What sets Juliana apart is her belief in the potential of every child to become a multilingual superstar, all without the dull grammar grind. With her, learning isn't a chore; it's a delightful journey that expands horizons and embraces diversity.

By supporting this project, you're not only backing Juliana but also her dedicated team. Kenny brings life to the stories with captivating illustrations, Adelle ensures the books reach young readers far and wide, and a talented group of translators opens the doors to different cultures.

Your contribution helps spread the joy of language learning to more children, making them global citizens in a world of endless possibilities. Join Juliana in this linguistic adventure and help young minds flourish in a world of words.

Join us in empowering the next generation of global citizens by contributing to this extraordinary project.

Together, we can make language learning an accessible, enjoyable, and life-enriching experience for kids worldwide.

Your donation makes a difference!

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