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How to Make Grammar Fun and Engaging for Children: Decoding the Language Structures

Learning grammar can be joyful?! YEP!

BYE BYE BYE to burdens of formal grammar!

At StoryDraw, we redefine grammar, transforming it from a dull necessity into a thrilling adventure. By breaking down complex language structures into symbols, we alleviate the need for your child to grapple with rigid grammar rules. Instead, we foster an environment where recognizing parts of speech becomes an enjoyable exploration.

Imagine language as vibrant buckets of speech, allowing your child to dive into a world of creativity and expression without the constraints of traditional grammatical boundaries.

With StoryDraw, grammar becomes a thing of the past, making way for a new era of dynamic and engaging language learning.

1.Decoding Grammar:

We make grammar fun and engaging by breaking down language structures into symbols. While your child doesn't need to grasp formal grammar rules, we encourage recognizing parts of speech. Think of language as buckets of speech. Building up verbs (actions) and adjectives (descriptions) allows them to construct sentences like puzzle pieces, forming their language skills. We even break down nouns into, LIVING [anything with a heart] THING [a thing] WHERE [places]! Next week, I'm going to show you how we even elevate our DECODE system...

2.Adapt for Younger Learners:

For younger kiddos, adapt the activity by associating actions with movements. For instance, if the story involves snoring, prompt your child to jump whenever they hear the action. This keeps it lively and age-appropriate.

3.Draw It - Trace It:

In the Draw It section, your child gets to trace words, enhancing writing skills. If they're not into drawing yet, coloring the provided space while listening to the story is an excellent alternative. This multi-sensory approach aids comprehension.

4.Brain Fuel :

Trace While Listening: As you trace, listen to the story simultaneously. This dual engagement boosts comprehension and reinforces learning. It's a brain-fueling experience that even I find incredibly beneficial as a language learner.

5.No Memorization, Just Interaction: Our approach emphasizes interaction over memorization. Language learning is a slow and steady game. Let your kiddo enjoy the process, and don't worry if it's like radio static in the beginning. Understanding will comewith time and engagement.

Worried that learning a new language is too hard for your child? Fear not! Our engaging approach is tailored to young minds, making language learning a breeze through stories, games, and creative activities. We ensure that the process is not just easy but enjoyable too! Our Language Starter Kit is a good place to start, you can choose from Spanish French Italian Japanse and Chinese [click here to learn more]

We help you make language learning a sustainable and effective way to make it a lifestyle a natural routine!

Happy Learning!


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