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Making Grammar Fun: Filling Up Buckets

Are you ready for a revolutionary approach to teaching grammar to your child? Let's decode it together. We're all about making grammar accessible and engaging for kids. Our method involves taking the intricate structure of language and transforming it into fun and simple symbols.

First things first, it's essential to understand that your child doesn't need to be bogged down with complex grammar rules. Instead, we want them to grasp the fundamental building blocks of language - the parts of speech. These are like little buckets we fill up with words. Verbs, the action words, are the most crucial buckets. Then come the adjectives for descriptions, and so on.

As your child accumulates more verbs and adjectives, they gain the power to create their own sentences. It's like putting together a puzzle. Our goal is to help your child recognize these building blocks within a sentence, like finding the verbs. For instance, in the "Bear Camping" story, there's an action, an exciting verb. We use a simple checkmark to highlight it.

While our materials are suitable for children seven and up, don't fret if you have a younger learner. You can adapt these methods. For instance, during a story, you can encourage them to listen carefully in the target language and jump when they hear an action. In the "Bear" story, they can jump when the bears “snore” or “sleep”.

Our system is all about teaching grammar without explicitly teaching grammar. Younger children can start decoding language without symbols, making the process natural and engaging. For older children, we offer workbooks where they use symbols to break down sentences.

The "Draw It" part of our program is fantastic for practicing writing. Your child gets to trace the words while listening to the story, combining language learning and handwriting practice. And if they're not quite at the drawing stage, they can color the scenes while following along with the story, enhancing their understanding.

This approach to grammar and language learning is unique, exciting, and, most importantly, enjoyable for your child. It's all about making language fun and interactive. We're here to support you, so if you have any questions or need further guidance, please reach out. Together, let's make grammar a fascinating part of your child's language journey.

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