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Why Ditch the Green Owl anyway? He’s so cute!

Well, the owl will only take you so far! It’s a fun place to start, but you need some companions... THREE companions! Salt, Pepper, and Sunny! Languages aren't learned through apps. They are started with apps, but you can’t follow through fully with them. So keep the owl around for the ride, but here are three things that make a difference.

Three cool things happen when your kid reads in a new language:

1. Your kid starts with the end goal right off the bat.

READING! When you can read in a new language, you are on a safe and successful path to becoming fluent. Fluency is a lifelong process, so enjoy the books, read, listen, and speak! Voila!

That's why our whole school focuses on reading in a new language.

2. Your kid sees grammar naturally.

Instead of the traditional way of front-loading kids with rules, alphabets, numbers, random lists of words, and verb conjugation, our stories immerse them in the language naturally and help them notice patterns instead of memorizing rules.

3. Your kid’s confidence will fuel the progression.

Confidence and mini-wins go a long way, much longer than the green owl can guarantee. Duolingo is fun, keep the green owl on your kid's tablet, but keep our books closer!

So, the final verdict about the green owl: keep him around; he’s cute. The owl needs friends, and that is where our story characters, Salt, the black cat, Pepper, the Boston terrier dog, and Sunny, their adorable red squirrel friend, will actually ignite the path of proficiency. Who knows, perhaps an owl will make it into one of our chapter books?

Happy language learning!


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