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Early Reader Beginner Novel: The Word Thief


In a land where words mysteriously vanish, join the extraordinary trio of Salt, Pepper, and Sunny – a clever cat, a playful dog, and a lively squirrel. As phrases disappear, their adventure unfolds. They'll journey deep into the forest, where an unexpected twist awaits. With time ticking away, they race towards the hidden Word Castle. Will they halt the Word Thief before language vanishes entirely, or are the words destined to be lost forever? Can our trio uncover the truth in time?




  • 12 chapter book
  • Glossary on back
  • about 100 pages
  • full color inside
  • level: beginners
  • age: 7-11 yo
  • languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Korean
  • author:  Juliana Russell
  • illustrator: Kenny Banadan
  • format: Adelle Librido



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The Word Thief with Salt, Pepper and Sunny

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