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Wee Wonder Kids

Kid's learning retreat is centered around three core values:


Our Wee Wonder retreats are designed to be a collaborative and gentle day of learning and exploration through free play, language immersion, mindfulness tools + practices, movement and community. Each retreat is led by sisters; Juliana Russell (Language Mindset) and Leah Ferrone (Brave Lion Mind) and always welcomes a special guest and activity!

Well, it just takes one moment. Just one moment of curiosity and exploration to discover and learn something new. And maybe, be inspired for a lifetime. 

That's our goal with Wee Wonder Kid's Retreats. 

We offer children an opportunity to find inspiration through playful learning about language, mindfulness, movement and other special interest. 

Kids will be exposed to different languages, cultures, self-awareness and regulation tools in the most fun and joyful ways.

And we invite guests to join us, showcasing their gifts, such as; botany, culinary arts, painting, woodworking and so much more.

☁️✨☁️✨☁️✨The sky is really the limit! ☁️✨☁️✨☁️✨


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